Are you one of those Christians who gets worried over your students because you feel like you are not able to reach them effectively?
Sometimes we Christians get caught up in so much of our mission in life that we often overlook many of the small blessings around us every day. Half a lifetime ago, GOD placed upon my heart the need to teach HIS word to a group of kids from a rough neighborhood around a local church. Since then I have not stopped teaching, though the groups have changed over the decades. I have taught a senior men’s class for a time and even preached to a congregation once. I cannot count the many blessings GOD has granted me, but I am sure there are many more that I either took for granted or foolishly overlooked.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could stand in the presence of God right now? How would you react? I know that I would be stricken with awe and terrified at the same time. I know what the bad things that I have done in my life that put HIS Son on the cross. But I am also assured of the grace HE has given me. In today’s podcast devotional, we will see an example of GOD’s empowering Spirit.

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Remain Patient Even When Patience Is Not Enough

Certain situations in life require us to act immediately in the event of an emergency, so those are best handled with an instant prayer to GOD and let HIM take control. But the other problems in life, the ones that give us a chance to think through the solutions, require us to take our time in evaluating the right choices to make. Fortunately for those of us who are steadfast in walking according to GOD’s righteous plan, we have the Holy Spirit which guides us in our important decisions.

In today’s podcast, we can find that patience is one of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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The Light of Christ Shining Through You

The Light of Christ Shining Through You

Rejecting others the opportunity to experience grace for their sins, for whatever reason you might give, is not what Jesus taught. When it comes to redeeming believers to HIS Kingdom through Jesus Christ, GOD is an equal opportunity employer. HE does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, ability, or Bible-centered Christian theology in drawing HIS children to HIM.

By loving our Christian family and walking in the light of Christ, we can avoid the stumbling blocks Satan tries to put in our way. Love is a powerful weapon that allows us to overlook those transgressions. Love enables a Christian relationship to grow strong in God’s grace.

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Lovers of this World

Lovers of this World

You have heard it said that the world is full of good and evil. GOD created the world and it is hard to see why there would be an evil presence. Indeed, you cannot look upon this world and not see the good that GOD had created for all of us.

Satan wants to corrupt everything GOD created, so he started with us. The world offers pride in our accomplishments and gratification of self-pleasures…not from GOD…but from the root of evil present in the world.

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Stairway to Heavenor Highway to Hell?

Are you climbing the stairway to heaven or rolling down the highway to hell?

Often we want to make things easy for ourselves, simplifying processes and streamlining our activities to fit our busy schedules. Now there is nothing wrong with that mindset, don’t get me wrong. After all, our goal is to stabilize a hectic life and focus our attention on our family and GOD, right? So why is it so hard to stay on the narrow path?

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A Silver Lining in the Fiercest of Storms

For the last several days, it has been a constant rain and downpour mixed with thunderstorms. There just seems to be no end in sight for the rain.

What does your life forecast look like? Are you watching a storm front approach with no way that you can stop it or get out of the way? Perhaps you are already in the midst of a violent storm, buffeted on all sides by the tempest.

It’s easy to look at the dark grey skies and see nothing but rain and lightning and listen to the roar of the wind and the rumble of thunder. Try to remember that there is a warm sun shining brightly over the tops of those storms and a cleansing fresh growth that follows the rain.

Jesus calmly slept as the waves crashed and tossed the boat about in the midst of a storm. What must have been going the minds of the disciples in the midst of that storm? What was Satan whispering in their ears to fuel their fears?

It might have been something like, “Is this the moment you die?”; or “Why follow a GOD who would lead you into such perils? Is it even worth it?”; or perhaps the worst thing of all, “Why did GOD abandon you out here all alone to suffer such a fate as this? Did HE ever really love you?”
During your storm, those questions might have made their way into your own heart.

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#Deception of the #Believer

#Deception of the #Believer

Today, the prince of darkness tries his best to convince us that he can give us the world. GOD never said everything was going to be hunky-dory after we accepted Christ into our hearts. GOD never promised that life on Earth would be easy after accepting salvation, but HE makes it easier to deal with adversity. Some folks take only what they think they need from the Bible. There are no bad parts of the Bible that we can just set aside simply because they do not agree with our spiritual constitution. Do not fall into that trap!

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On the Fence: A Distinct Choice between Life or Death

On the Fence:

A Distinct Choice between Life or Death; Blessing or Curse

The decision God presents you with is not a difficult one. We all sit on the fence at one time or another in our life, struggling with that moment of indecision; the moment of choosing between two different options in our life. In our spiritual life, sitting on the fence represents a time when GOD has drawn us to HIM by the Holy Spirit to make a choice between what HE has to offer us and what Satan offers us to remain in the world.

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